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who fought in Pitzers Woods on day 1 and 2.

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If you google LC you'll see that this is one of the things almost always cited. I think it's wrong. 



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>> I have long been bothered by the belief that anyone who maintains that the South's defeat was inevitable as long as the Union retained the will to fight is a  "Lost Causer!"
>> I think this is an utterly realistic assessment of the 'correlation of forces' and a great example of why the South was nuts to risk war.
> Hello,
>  I am not familiar with this definition of a lost causer.  To me a lost causer is a person who tries to perpetuate the myth that the war was not about slavery, but states rights, and the associated ideas that go with that - War of Yankee aggression, Lincoln the tyrant, Black Confederates, Confederate flag apologists,  etc.
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