GDG- Lost Cause and Inevitibility

Robert Lawrence lawrence at
Sun Jan 22 17:11:20 CST 2012

RHETT BUTLER : I think it's hard winning a war with words, gentlemen.

CHARLES: What do you mean, sir?

RHETT: I mean, Mr. Hamilton, there's not a cannon factory in the whole South.

MAN: What difference does that make, sir, to a gentleman?

RHETT: I'm afraid it's going to make a great deal of difference to a

great many gentlemen, sir.

CHARLES: Are you hinting, Mr. Butler,

that the Yankees can lick us?

RHETT: No, I'm not hinting. I'm saying very plainly that the Yankees

are better equipped than we. They've got

factories, shipyards, coalmines... and a fleet to bottle up

our harbors and starve us to death. All we've got is cotton,

and slaves and ...arrogance.

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