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The North did not have unlimited supplies. No one does. The degree of industrialization in the free states is often exaggerated by Lost Causers. There were major agricultural areas, including the granary of the Midwest which was an important factor in keeping the UK neutral since it needed the importation of those foodstuffs as much if not more than it did cotton. 

No one forced the slave states to turn themselves into quasi-colonies, producing staple crops in return for finished goods. It also chose not to emphasize industrialization, although there were some important exceptions such as the Tredegar Iron Works. 

Much of the difference between the loyal states and the rebel was that the Union used its resources more efficiently and effectively than the rebel states did. 



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Then Lee and Jeff Davis were guilty of criminal misconduct for fighting a 
war they had no chance to win? 

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If that is what you so choose to believe. I do not see them anymore guilty than George Washington in the Revolutionary War. 
Plus one never knows what will happen... 

Lincoln is hit at the 40 yard line and spun around, ohh the ball is's picked up by Lee and Davis..There at the 30...the 20...the 10... 
...TOUCHDOWN...The Rebels win............. 

It is a FACT the North had UNLIMITED man power. It is a FACT the North had UNLIMITED supplies. Unless of course you are of the belief that McClellan and the South out-numbered the North.............. 

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" The direct cause of the outbreak of the War Between The States was slavery; the direct object of the prosecution of the war was the preservation of the Union. " 
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