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Hi Mike-
Not being super well-versed in the pension records I do know  that the 
veterans, wives, family members and friends, did throw in everything  they could 
when they applied for the pension.  Not unlike today.  The  more mud you 
could throw on the wall in order to bolster your case the more  likely you 
were to get the pension.
The plus side here is that there's plenty of  information.
On the negative side much of it is just "mud on the wall" in  order to get 
the pension so there is a certain degree of "unreliability" in the  files.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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Bruce, et al, found the same study you did in the  Archive of General 
Psychiatry. Looks like they relied on pension records. Must  admit to being 
ignorant of the caliber and quality of the information in them,  how complete, 
etc. What do they generally contain? Might the vet have a motive  to 
exacerbate symptoms? On the other hand the stigma attached to mental  illness was 
much greater then than now (although we still have a ways to go as  a society 
IMHO)   Mike
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