GDG- Is we is or is we ain't a Union?

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I used to hang out and jam with the Devo dudes back in Kent  Ohio 40 yrs 
ago.  I just saw Jerry back there 2 years ago.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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We be Devo.
Us @  dem

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>>1.  None of us was there when  it happened.
>>2. None of us were there when it  happened.
>       The verb has to agree in number with  the subject.  "Us"  looks  
>like the subject, but  it is the object of the preposition  "of"
>   None is the subject, and it is singular so it  should be  a 
>singular verb was.
>That issue can be  avoided by simply writing "We wuzn't there."
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