GDG- Is we is or is we ain't a Union?

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Sun Jan 22 12:34:47 CST 2012

<<   If it is as an action being done as a single unit, "the team is 
playing tomorrow" is correct. However, if it is done individually, 
it would be" the team are showering."

Rather awkward to the ear so usually we see "the team members are showering."  >>

The locker room at my high school had both individual showers, and a collective shower in the form of a lengthy passage with two or three dozen shower heads through which the entire team or class would be run en mass.  Showering in that was more of a single unit event than an individual exercise.
If you didn't want to be late for your next class the trick was to hug the wall so as to make it through dry, while hoping that the gym teacher was't checking people on the way out and sending those not well enough soaked through for another pass.
I never could really understand English grammar, at least, much beyoud the noun, verb, adjective, adverb level.  Diagraming sentences left me befuddled.  I finally developed a personal rule of thumb for correct usage that it it sounded wrong, it was probably right.  But I guess that's the difference between proper grammar and common usage.

Jim Cameron  

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