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Second Delaware by Rose farm.
A friend invited me to join the 2nd Del reenactors in  1988.  Which is way 
cool.  I got to be a Yankee and shoot up Pickett's  Charge.  I got gunpowder 
on my face.
And then I found out that 2nd Del was partly responsible for  all those 
dead Rebs by the woods on the farm from Frassanito.
Pretty neat.  It's quite a story.
And then they were skirmishers on 7/3 and have another  monument behind the 
northen dogleg of the stone wall near the  copse. 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant Servant

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Cm on guys.
Why don't you talk about your  favorite monument and why.

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>And the Family Research Council would lose a huge "cash  cow" if Roe v. 
Wade was overturned. So what? Again, can we return to the  summer of 1863, 
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>> Charles is 100 % correct, The NAACP wont deal with real issue  that has 
destroyed familiesbecause they know they cant change the culture so  they 
have to go after the white man 100 yrs it helps with the cash may not like what I'm saying but its the truth   Clarence 
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>>> With respect, it's not just "the NAACP"  that finds itself 
uncomfortable with Governmental sponsorship of the  Confederate Flag, i.e., the Navy 
Jack. Let's get back to the Gettysburg  Campaign?
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>>>> RE:  The Conf battle  flag.
>>>> The NAACP is insane and out of  touch with  reality.
>>>> Apparently  their big bug is that the flag was used as a symbol  of 
>>>> supremacy - particularly by the Ku Klux  Klan.
>>>> But the Klan also used the  Bible as the same symbol.   They used the 
>>>>  for the same also.  They also used the American  flag.  They  also 
used bed 
>>>> sheets.
>>>> So why don't they regard the Bible the ssame  way?
>>>> Or the  cross?
>>>> Or the   
>>>> "Just  the facts, ma'am."  
>>>> Your Most Obediant  Servant
>>>> Peter  
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>>>> <<So he thinks if African Americans  read the  confederate 
constitution they
>>>> wouldn't  oppose display of the confederate  battle flag.  And 
>>>> of
>>>> the slaves was a sin.   The  slaves drifted into peonage with no 
agency among
>>>>  southern whites  whatsoever.  Really,  Shelby?>>
>>>> For what it is worth,  I  attended a Lee-Jackson Day ceremony on 
>>>>  hosted by a local Sons of  Confederate Veterans Camp.  I have gotten  
to know
>>>> the commander of the  Camp well, and he has  participated with me in a 
>>>> CW   presentation.
>>>> This past July, this  SCV Camp was invited to take part in  our town 
July 4
>>>>  parade.  The Camp agreed, but later withdrew when they  were  
informed by the
>>>> parade officials that they could not  display the  Confederate flag.
>>>>  On Saturday, I discussed this incident with the Camp  commander, and  
>>>> him whether he and other SCV Camps had  considered  displaying the 
>>>>  Confederate
>>>> national flag, rather than the battleflag,  at  public events -- which 
>>>> be much less  controversial.
>>>> The  commander's  response was immediate and adamant that he would not
>>>>  compromise  his standards about displaying the battleflag in honor of 
>>>> heritage of  those who fought under its  banner.  Once he got onto this
>>>> subject,  frankly  it was difficult to divert him to something more 
>>>>  and less  controversial.
>>>> It is  difficult to find a reasonable solution or  compromise on this  
>>>> Our CWRT displays both the American and   Confederate flags at our 
>>>> At a public ceremony in  our town hall  last April in commemoration of 
>>>>  beginning of the CW, both flags were on  display.
>>>> However, officials remain reluctant to have the  battleflag on  
display in
>>>> outdoor events, for fear of  a backlash.
>>>> Not sure what the   answer to this problem is, but it certainly does 
>>>> Regards, Tom  Ryan
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