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RE:  The Conf battle flag.
The NAACP is insane and out of touch with  reality.
Apparently their big bug is that the flag was used as a symbol  of white 
supremacy - particularly by the Ku Klux Klan.
But the Klan also used the Bible as the same symbol.   They used the cross 
for the same also.  They also used the American  flag.  They also used bed 
So why don't they regard the Bible the ssame way?
Or the cross?
Or the  
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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<<So he thinks if African Americans read the  confederate constitution they
wouldn't oppose display of the confederate  battle flag.  And emancipation 
the slaves was a sin.  The  slaves drifted into peonage with no agency among
southern whites  whatsoever.  Really, Shelby?>>

For what it is worth, I  attended a Lee-Jackson Day ceremony on Saturday
hosted by a local Sons of  Confederate Veterans Camp.  I have gotten to know
the commander of the  Camp well, and he has participated with me in a local
CW  presentation.

This past July, this SCV Camp was invited to take part in  our town July 4
parade.  The Camp agreed, but later withdrew when they  were informed by the
parade officials that they could not display the  Confederate flag.

On Saturday, I discussed this incident with the Camp  commander, and asked
him whether he and other SCV Camps had considered  displaying the 
national flag, rather than the battleflag, at  public events -- which would
be much less controversial.

The  commander's response was immediate and adamant that he would not
compromise  his standards about displaying the battleflag in honor of the
heritage of  those who fought under its banner.  Once he got onto this
subject,  frankly it was difficult to divert him to something more amenable
and less  controversial.

It is difficult to find a reasonable solution or  compromise on this issue.
Our CWRT displays both the American and  Confederate flags at our meetings.
At a public ceremony in our town hall  last April in commemoration of the
beginning of the CW, both flags were on  display.

However, officials remain reluctant to have the battleflag on  display in
outdoor events, for fear of a backlash.

Not sure what the  answer to this problem is, but it certainly does exist.

Regards, Tom  Ryan

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