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What foes the American Battle Flag look like?

Tom Ryan <pennmardel at> wrote:

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><<So he thinks if African Americans read the confederate constitution they
>wouldn't oppose display of the confederate battle flag.  And emancipation of
>the slaves was a sin.  The slaves drifted into peonage with no agency among
>southern whites whatsoever.  Really, Shelby?>>
>For what it is worth, I attended a Lee-Jackson Day ceremony on Saturday
>hosted by a local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp.  I have gotten to know
>the commander of the Camp well, and he has participated with me in a local
>CW presentation.
>This past July, this SCV Camp was invited to take part in our town July 4
>parade.  The Camp agreed, but later withdrew when they were informed by the
>parade officials that they could not display the Confederate flag.
>On Saturday, I discussed this incident with the Camp commander, and asked
>him whether he and other SCV Camps had considered displaying the Confederate
>national flag, rather than the battleflag, at public events -- which would
>be much less controversial.
>The commander's response was immediate and adamant that he would not
>compromise his standards about displaying the battleflag in honor of the
>heritage of those who fought under its banner.  Once he got onto this
>subject, frankly it was difficult to divert him to something more amenable
>and less controversial.
>It is difficult to find a reasonable solution or compromise on this issue.
>Our CWRT displays both the American and Confederate flags at our meetings.
>At a public ceremony in our town hall last April in commemoration of the
>beginning of the CW, both flags were on display.
>However, officials remain reluctant to have the battleflag on display in
>outdoor events, for fear of a backlash.
>Not sure what the answer to this problem is, but it certainly does exist.
>Regards, Tom Ryan
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