GDG- Shelby's Foote in His Mouth

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Sun Jan 22 06:24:26 CST 2012

<<8. "Gettysburg was the price the South paid for having R. E. Lee. That was
the mistake he made, the mistake of all mistakes."
Again, more lost cause nonsense.

"I always thought the Yankees had something to do with it." George Pickett
on why the confederates lost at Gettysburg.
Not a Lee mistake, not the fault of his subordinates. The confederates were
outfought and Lee was outgeneraled.>>

I agree that Pickett had it right.  I would add, however, that Lee was
outgeneraled to a great extent because the Union command had much better
intelligence.  And, unlike at Chancellorsville where Hooker had better
intelligence than Lee in the early part of the battle and failed to act on
it, during the Gettysburg Campaign both Hooker and Meade as well as some of
the subordinate AoP generals actually acted on this intelligence to gain the
upper hand and win a great victory.

The downside for Meade and the AoP was failing to heed the intelligence in
the aftermath of the three-day battle in order to make the victory at
Gettysburg more complete.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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