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Could Tom's problems after the War have been caused by post-traumatic stress?

This is a bit too easy and simple an explanation, although doubtless it did have a part to play, as it did with many, or even most, of those men who fought in the Civil War and survived to try to build a new life afterwards. But Tom had problems before the War: he was not content with his situation and may have been actively unhappy. After the War, his existing tendency to take reverses badly was compounded by his drinking and poor physical health. All of these factors might well have come into play regardless of the War; in fact, there's an argument for saying that this might have happened sooner without the War, during which he was well motivated and in control of his life (if he was drinking then, it was not enough to affect his work). It's also worth remembering that he survived for another thirty years and, while we discover more about the bad times, there were unquestionably good times as well for him, when his personal relationships were happy and his career going along okay. It doesn't always get us anywhere to see the complexities of a man's life in terms of a syndrome.

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