GDG- Now: CW PTSD was: Custer: G'burg, LBH & Philbrick

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There's an official martini time?

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Wait! Drinking too much is unhealthy? And you tell me this on Saturday an hour before martini time?

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On Jan 21, 2012, at 4:38 PM, Batrinque at wrote:

> One of the points of that paper I mentioned about health  costs associated 
> with CW veterans that stress from their experience fed  into adopting 
> unhealthy behaviors such as drinking too much.  It would be  difficult to prove 
> that any particular individual did or did not drink himself  to death as a 
> direct result of the war, but looking at a larger population  something 
> statistically significant would emerge.
> Bruce  Trinque
> Amston, CT
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