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This is also a good reason I stick with the GDG.  I've had a lot of mistaken
assumption pointedly corrected by this group, many of which I've simply
followed and not commented about. It's about learning.  

(Along with learning the lyrics to the rebel yell.)



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 I stand corrected.

But this is a good example of the sliding scale involved when analyzing
historical accuracy.  I repeated the common mistaken assumption that Forrest
"founded" the KKK.  That was an error, but a very different one if the fact
was that Forrest never had anything to do with the KKK at all.  The facts,
given here, that he pulled the organization together into a national one and
was a Grand Wizard and national leader of the KKK, actually underscores what
my real point was, because if Forrest had actually founded the KKK and then
seen it turn into something he didn't intend, that would be less heinous
than his joining up and building the organization into a national power.

To repeat the main point: details matter, and facts matter.  But some facts
matter more than others, and in the end it is the meaning of the facts that
matters most.  And with Forrest, that meaning is quite clear.



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Esteemed Members

History tells us that the Klan was formed on Dec. 24, 1865 in Pulaski,
Tennessee by six well educated former Confederate soldiers.  Forrest joined
up later and was the most recognizable name to be associated with the Klan
and its activities.  He became the Grand Wizard and the Klan's national
leader.  Despite wanting to organize themselves under one leadership most
Klan units even withing states acted autonomously.

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