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First we would have to define drinking yourself to death.
Second, you would have yo define what it was in the 19th century.
Third, we would need a common denominator to equalize the two disparate figures

I am not sure it would mean anything.

I mean the different alcohol consumption rates alone would be insurmountable, wouldn't they?

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>But  people do that (drink themselves to death) all the time.
>I think a better  explanation might be is that war changes all whom it 
>touches, and  different individuials handle it differently.
>We just put a name on it  now.
>One of the points of that paper I mentioned about health  costs associated 
>with CW veterans that stress from their experience fed  into adopting 
>unhealthy behaviors such as drinking too much.  It would be  difficult to prove 
>that any particular individual did or did not drink himself  to death as a 
>direct result of the war, but looking at a larger population  something 
>statistically significant would emerge.
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