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I think Shelby got it absolutely right.
You cannot record an octogenarian wheezing out a remembered yell and claim you have heard the full throated roar of a 22 year old about to disappear, possibly forever, into a swirl of smoke and blood.
I thought that when I saw the episode in its original airing and I think so now.


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>Well Hi Leo-
>I made the original post.  Someone had put up a video of  the vets at the 
>1938 Gettysburg reunion.  These old guys shake hands over  the stone wall at 
>CH.  They start yipping and one turns to the camera and  says "That's the 
>Rebel Yell" with a grin.
>Ken Burns had the film in his last episode.
>My point was that earlier in the series Shelby Foote is  talking about the 
>Rebel Yell and says no one knows what it sounds  like.
>But I remember the first time I saw the series and saw the old  vets 
>yipping I was amazed that Shelby Foote was wrong.
>It is very hard tracing down the truth in history.  And I  was amazed at 
>Shelby being wrong.
>That's it.
>"Just  the facts, ma'am." 
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>Having not been following this thread, I just have  one question:  what are 
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