GDG- Relgion at the battle of Gettysburg

Nancy Householder pipecreek1430 at
Sat Jan 21 14:27:55 CST 2012

 I have been reading a book on the Religious Life of the Civil War Soldiers, and it is very interesting.
While many people know of Father Corby of the Irish Brigade, giving absolution to his men, just 

before they go into battle , I read of another story of praying during the battle.

After the repulse of Picketts Charge on July 3, 1863,  the major of the 64th NY requested Chaplain
John Stuckenberg of the 145th PA  to hold services in his regiment. " The men were behind their 

breastworks," Stuckenberg wrote in his diary that night. " I stood in front of them. Brisk skirmishing
was going on all the time, rebels and our men.. could be seen running and firing. A rebel flag was 

 also seen  at the edge of the woods. Worship at such a place and time, with fearful scenes just
enacted and being enacted, was very solemn.  I thanked God that we had been spared, prayed for
the many wounded, and remembered the relatives and friends of the killed. The soldiers felt deeply
and were moved to tears."

Nancy Householder

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