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Well Hi Leo-
I made the original post.  Someone had put up a video of  the vets at the 
1938 Gettysburg reunion.  These old guys shake hands over  the stone wall at 
CH.  They start yipping and one turns to the camera and  says "That's the 
Rebel Yell" with a grin.
Ken Burns had the film in his last episode.
My point was that earlier in the series Shelby Foote is  talking about the 
Rebel Yell and says no one knows what it sounds  like.
But I remember the first time I saw the series and saw the old  vets 
yipping I was amazed that Shelby Foote was wrong.
It is very hard tracing down the truth in history.  And I  was amazed at 
Shelby being wrong.
That's it.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant Servant

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Having not been following this thread, I just have  one question:  what are 
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