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Maybe because it was the SCV holding the ceremony?

I hasten to add that I really don't have a problem with this particular set 
of statues.

You know, Baltimore is still a schizoid town when it comes to the civil war. 
The street between the old train station and camden yards is called 
FirstBlood street and, as everyone knows, it wsa a hotbed of secession (and 
a key stop on the underground railroad).

A few years ago, a docent told my two oldest grandsons about how Lincoln 
"shredded" the constitution at ft. McHenry (want to feel real pride, watch 
your grandsons raise the replica flag at Ft. McHenry.)

I explained the truth later. A few minutes later a porter relayed not only 
the story of First Blood street, but pointed us to the train station 
Frederick douglas escaped through (on First Blood street.

most people though just assume that maryland was a loyal Northern state in 
the civil war.

(As opposed to Missouri, where most in southern Missorri think they were a 
loyal Confederate state during the war occupied by the Union. Which is why 
the *** **** *******'* just left the big 12 for the SEC).

A pox on them.




Agree the cause of the war was slavery; and many at the begimming felt that 
it was all about Union-and Lincoln certainly sold it that way. But in the 
nations soul, it was time to abolish slavery.

take a look at Fortress Monroe.

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Ok I'll bite - what were they protesting
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In Baltimore, MD, near Johns Hopkins Univ. There are two equastrian statues 
next to each other, of
Gen Lee and Gen Jackson. They were erected in the 1930's. For years the SCV, 
and the United Daughters
of the Confederacy used to have a wreath laying ceremony there around the 
anniversary of their birthdays.
I went one year with an older gentleman from our CW Round Table, who was in 
the SCV.
It was actually very nice, with quite a few people in period dress, 
including me. They had a small band playing  music. The year I went there 
was man standing in the street, yelling at us the whole time, protesting.
It was very cold and windy that day and I was glad that they were serving 
refreshments after. Afterwards we went over to a building, across the 
street, at Johns Hopkins were the UDC served hot drinks and food. I think it 
was two years ago that the JH University announced that they were no longer 
going to allow
the UDC to serve their refreshments in a university building for this event, 
due to protests. I don't know if they are still having this event, if they 
did it would be this weekend.
The man that I attended this event with, who had been going to it for years, 
is now dead. Nancy Householder
They protest anything to do with Confederate Heritage....The flag, Generals, 
Leaders, songs,...anything that they can say OFFENDS them.


William Richardson
Mount Gilead, North Carolina

" The direct cause of the outbreak of the War Between The States was 
slavery; the direct object of the prosecution of the war was the 
preservation of the Union. "
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