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That's what we were talking about already, just so you  know.
We had been discussing that scene.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> A  Mills-
> I was pondering your quandary about the Rebel   Yell.
> I was going to suggest to you that it sounded a little  like an  Indian
> attack in the old Westerns.
> A  good movie for you to rent in order to hear this might be  "They  Died
> With Their Boots On"  starring the Australian actor  Errol  Flynn.  Pay
> attention at the end and listen closely  as they slaughter  Custer.
> It will come  close.
> ;-)    .....
> "Just  the  facts, ma'am."
> Your Most Obediant  Servant
>  Peter

For anyone who wanted to hear what the Rebel  Yell really sounded like go
onto Youtube and call up: *Rare Footage of  Civil War Veterans Doing the
Rebel Yell* It was filmed in the early 1930s  at a United Confederate
Veterans reunion and as part of the program the old  veterans for the
assemblage and the rolling cameras let loose with as an  authentic a version
of the yell this side of a Civil War  battlefield.
It is quite informative and perhaps, one of the  group's more computer
savvy members could do a link.
With  regards,
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