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Ok I'll bite - what were they protesting
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In Baltimore, MD, near Johns Hopkins Univ. There are two equastrian statues next to each other, of
Gen Lee  and Gen Jackson. They were erected in the 1930's. For years the SCV, and the United Daughters
of the Confederacy used to have  a wreath laying ceremony there around the anniversary of their birthdays.
I went one year with an older gentleman from our CW Round Table, who was in the SCV.
It was actually very nice, with quite a few people in period dress, including me. They had a small band playing 

music.  The year I went there was  man standing in the street, yelling at us the whole time, protesting.
It was very cold and windy that day and I was glad that they were serving refreshments after.

Afterwards we went over to  a building, across the street, at Johns Hopkins were the UDC served hot drinks and food.

I think it was two years ago that the JH University announced that they were no longer going to allow
the UDC to serve their refreshments in a university building  for this event, due to protests.

I don't know if they are still having this event, if they did it would be this weekend.
The man that I attended this event with, who had been going to it for years, is now dead.

Nancy Householder

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 Sending out a hardy Happy Birthday to 2 of the South's greatest Generals. Robert E. Lee (January 19th) and Stonewall Jackson (January 21st)


     William Richardson
     Mount Gilead, North Carolina

" The direct cause of the outbreak of the War Between The States was slavery; the direct object of the prosecution of the war was the preservation of the Union. "
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