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It is not a yell like a sport event where it is somewhat  deep.
It is male voices making a high-pitched yip like a small  dog.  Singlly it 
is not much to listen to but coimbined with a few 100 or a  1000 men and it 
is quite an experience.  I have heard it at  reenactments.   Some of the men 
are making high pitched bird calls  etc.
If you can see that video of the vets just very nicely  contributed will  
see 90 yr old vets making the call.  One of them  turns to the camera and 
says "That's the Rebel Yell".
Probably one of the best video records around.
See if you can download it or go get the last vol. of Ken  Burns. 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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Wouldn't it sound like a crowd cheering for their  favorite team at a 
sporting event?  

When you have thousands of  people screaming at the same time it all gets 
droned together and just sounds  like a very large crowd. 

Was it the "Yell" that made their hair stand  up, or was it the idea of 
what was coming with that "Yell" that made their  hair stand up?  

I just fail to understand how this "yell" would  sound any different than 
the fans at a rock concert or sporting  event.


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Slightly off-topic, but The Museum of the  Confederacy did a couple videos 
of the Rebel Yell.  They took two sound  recordings of two different ANV 
veterans giving the rebel yell in the 1930's  and blended and multuplied the 
sound so that it sounded like hundreds doing  the rebel yell.    Individually, 
the rebel yell doesn't sound like  much, but collectively, the sound makes 
the hair on the back of your neck  stand up. 
Here is a  link.  The Rebel  Yell Lives 
part 1 and part  2.

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