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Fri Jan 20 12:59:30 CST 2012

In reference to the clips from Ken Burns I have always been  interested 
that in an earlier episode discussing the fighting in the war Shelby  Foote 
speaks about the Rebel Yell.  He tries to describe it and ends up  saying that 
no one alive knows what the Rebel Yell sounds like.  Yet at the  end of Ken 
Burns we see that footage of the vets shaking hands over the  wall.  They 
start giving the Rebel Yell.  Finally one vet turns to the  cameera and says 
"That's the Rebel Yell".
Guess it shows even Shelby Foote can be wrong.
That's sad.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant  Servant

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