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I think getting a formal "modern" analysis is probbably out of  the 
Personally I like accuracy as much as possible.
I think it would be possible to get an idea of general CWPTSD  would be to 
collect 1000s of anecdotal reports of various behavior patterns of  the 
veterans.  If they could be collated and formed into different groups  you just 
may be able to get a handle on it.
Say in 20% of the anecdotes the vet was reported to exhibit  long periods 
of silence or speech difficulties.
In 40% of the anecdotes alcoholism was exhibited.
In 30% the vets indicated that they experienced chronic battle  nightmares.
They anecdotes would be of dubious reliability but if you  could get a lot 
and identify mentioning various symptoms patterns would emerge  and a 
not-quite-reliable report could be put out.
I am not one for making one single anecdote representative of  all 
situations but many can add up to some kind of pattern.
But who's got time to do this?
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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I had often wondered about that but unless you are  schooled in the ability 
to diagnose PTSD, would a historian writing about it  be valid?  
Admittedly, I would most likely read the book regardless, but  would it be an accepted 
case from only a historian diagnosing it?  I  suppose he could simply lay 
out the case that the soldiers struggled with  various issues and relating to 
society again and not officially label it PTSD  but not sure if that would 
be good enough for today's audience to actually  sell books without an 
official diagnosis?


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I would suspect there are  a couple of doctoral dissertations waiting to be 
written on this  subject.  The problem would be in analyzing someone based 
on very  indirect  evidence.


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