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The senior captain of the regiment -- Frederick  Benteen -- was a certified 
Custer-hater (of course, if you read much  of Benteen's private 
correspondence,  you find that Benteen hated  just about anybody ever 
placed in a 
position of  authority over him  and a lot of other people besides) and 
Major Reno 
(second in   command) at the Little Big Horn was no great fan either.  On 
other  hand, many of the junior officers seem to have been well  disposed  
towards Custer.  It would be safe to say that overall  the Seventh  Cavalry 
not exactly a Henry V Band of  Brothers.

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT
That's my understanding also.  The regiment was fractured into  at least 
two camps--pro-Custer and anti-Custer.  Personally, I blame Custer  for that.
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Al Mackey

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