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I submit that being a royal pain and something that could not be done.
So, a command decision was made and there were strong consequences.
There us a real nice Gatling at Ft. Union. Which is a pretty spectacular place in its own right.
You can stand out in the ruts of the Sante Fe trail and look out over the high plains at the far mountains and only gape in awe at the courage of those that made the ruts.

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>Usually,  in my expeioence, when a subordinate said it could not be done, 
>was  never tried.
>Yes, but in the case of the Gatlings, it HAD been tried.  The guns  were 
>brought along on Reno's scouting mission just before the LBH  battle and they 
>proved themselves a royal pain, repeatedly getting stuck  and delaying the 
>march of the column.  For a cavalry column trying to  advance rapidly in 
>pursuit of Indians through that kind of county, it was not a  happy marriage.
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