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of course there were not. They had been refused.

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>He had  refused them and would not consider them. They were available, but 
>his innate  prejudice denied him their use. Since by this time they had a 
>proven record,  he could (should) have availed himself of other use.
>In 1876 there were not any "Buffalo Soldiers" in the theater of  operations 
>for Custer to use (or not use).  At that period, the "colored"  units in 
>the West were all stationed in the Southwest, as I recall.  A  decade or so 
>later, yes, there were some Buffalo Soldier units assigned to the  Dakotas, 
>but not in 1876.  You might as well also condemn Custer for not  using the 
>Coldstream Guards or the French Foreign Legion.
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