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The moral of this story.  Never go campaigning without your Swiss army

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> If I  remember the books and movie I saw about Isandlawana they had plenty
> of  ammo but the quartermaster wouldn't allow the distribution without
> written  requisitions and the implements to open the closed crates were
>  not
> present.  Ahhh...British military custom.  You gotta love it  unless you
> are
> being attacked by thousands of screaming  savages.
> There has been some debate as to exactly what happened with ammo
> distribution at Isandlwana, including the possibility that there were
>  insufficient
> screwdrivers to open up the new-fangled ammo cases, but in the end  it
> seems
> to come down to just too many disciplined foes with very sharp  spears.
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