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As to the Gatling would have meant slower movement, more ammo
and wagons and a larger guard to protect the slower movement should it get
left behind.  Not to mention extra forage.
If I remember the books and movie I saw about Isandlawana they had plenty
of ammo but the quartermaster wouldn't allow the distribution without
written requisitions and the implements to open the closed crates were not
present.  Ahhh...British military custom.  You gotta love it unless you are
being attacked by thousands of screaming savages.
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> Usually,  in my expeioence, when a subordinate said it could not be done,
> it
> was  never tried.
> Yes, but in the case of the Gatlings, it HAD been tried.  The guns  were
> brought along on Reno's scouting mission just before the LBH  battle and
> they
> proved themselves a royal pain, repeatedly getting stuck  and delaying the
> march of the column.  For a cavalry column trying to  advance rapidly in
> pursuit of Indians through that kind of county, it was not a  happy
> marriage.
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