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You can't say anything bad about Bobby Lee today. It's his birthday!



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> Add to  that getting himself and everyone with him killed and I have to 
> wonder what he  had to do to be judged incompetent! 
> Perhaps not having a fundamentally very successful military career for the  
> preceding decade and a half?
> "incompetent", to me, describes a longterm, even permanent, level of  
> performance.  Certainly Custer made mistakes at the LBH, given the  situation 
> that actually existed rather than what he incorrectly believed to be  the case, 
> but to me that one day does not equal incompetence, given his history  and 
> regardless of how spectacular the consequences.  Robert E. Lee pissed  away 
> far more lives at Malvern Hill and in the PPT Charge than Custer did at the  
> LBH, but I don't view REL as incompetent.
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