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Thu Jan 19 10:24:20 CST 2012

Today I went into Bing maps to look at the LBH battlefield and  I am unable 
to get any park boundaries.
I also couldn't zoom in enough to see the white  stones.
For anyone who wants to take a look find Spear, Mnt, on  I-90.  I-90 runs 
N-S through the LBH creek valley.  Go to the east  side of I-90 and pan 
around.   You will see a tract of woods running N  and S and the creek bed.  That 
is Reno's battlefield area.  Next to it  running N-S is Last Stand Ridge.
You might get more on a different satelite map  site.
I am disappointed...
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant  Servant

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