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After crossing into Pennsylvania, the Confederates got into the habit of marching up to the farmhouses
 and townhouses and asking, with rifles in hand but politely enough, for something to eat.
One of Harry Hay's Louisiana Tigers discovered a particular source of their fright. As a housewife 

was preparing him a meal, she asked him is regiment. "Seventh Louisiana", he replied, at which she
collapsed in a faint. It seemed that the raucous 35th Virginia Cavalry battlion, known as the Comanches,
had earlier ridden through  the town exclaiming that, " the Louisiana Tigers would kill, burn and destroy
everything and everybody in the country". This was an extreme example of a wide spread impression.

Taken from Sears, Gettysburg. pg 109

Can anyone find any more examples that explain the wild reputation that the Tigers had?

Nancy Householder

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