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When the Civil War began, Harry T. Hays became colonel of the 7th Louisiana regiment, the Pelican Regiment,
which had been recruited primarily from New Orleans. Hay's led his Pelicans with distinction at First Manassas
and in the Shenandoah  Valley until he was wounded at Port Republic. He became a brigadier General while 

recovering from his wound and recieved command of the brigade in July 1862 when Gen Richard Taylor was
promoted to the command of the District of Western Louisiana. Hay's led his brigade, nicknamed "Louisiana Tigers"
at Antietam and subsequent battles until he was wounded at Spotsylvania Court house in 1864, a wound that ended
his career with the Army of Northern Virginia.
At Gettysburg- Hay's brigade contained 5 Louisiana regiments the 5th thru the 9th, it numbered only 1,200 officers and men.
Most of the members of the brigade had been recruited from the New Orleans area, but the 9th Regiment had been formed
from companies obtained elsewhere. The brigade contained a large proportion of native born Americans, many of whom were
undoubtedly of French ancestry, and Irish immigrants seem to have been the most numerous of the foreign born.

From Pfanz, Gettysburg- Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill.

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