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I've  read a number of books over the years that said he was  told by his  
Crow scouts telling him "big camp" and indicated it was in the   thousands.
The Arikara (Ree) scouts in particular seemed to be concerned about the  
large numbers ahead while the Crow scouts on the morning before the battle  
actually advised Custer to advance immediately and attack, even though that 
goes  against the usual narrative of the battle.  Custer and virtually every  
other Army officer believed that sheer numbers in a case like this did not  
matter much because they "knew" the Indians would rather flee and scatter 
than  fight.  Their experience in fighting on the Southern Plains taught them  
this, but these Northern Plains Indians were a different kettle of fish, as 
it  turned out.

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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