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I do not like the Gatling.  Seems like more was made of  it than it was 
Big and clumsy and complicated to use.
What's weird is that they show up in nearly every Western  movie in the 
world.  Didn't Clint Eastwood use one in the Good, the Bad ,  and the Ugly or 
some movie?
Actually I have never come across a reference that they were  used on naval 
vessels.  There they could be far more conveniently mounted  and operated.  
Wood be very useful in stopping blockade  runners.
Schtoooped Gatling.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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I  think  leaving the Gatlings behind was a smart move.   Custer's  plan 
to move fast to catch the Indians.  The Gatlings  were  about as  heavy as 
light arty.  It would have  slowed them a lot as  they  were going cross 
country.  It's  pretty rough country  out  there.

The Gatlings went with John  Gibbon's column (hey, John Gibbon -- another  
Gettysburg connection!)  and they indeed proved troublesome during Gibbon's 
march  to the  LBH.  Just as they were a problem a week or so earlier when  
Major  Reno took part of the 7th Cav on a scout up the Powder River  and 
down the 
Tongue  and over to the Rosebud.   

Bruce  Trinque
Amston,  CT
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