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In reference the discussion and such issues such leaving the  Gatlings 
behind I will submit this for consideration.
Years ago somewhere I heard the reason why Custer made such a  rash and 
impetuous move was that for years the cavalry and the 7th in particular  was 
that they kept trying to catch the Indians in battle but the Indians always  
ran away and the cavalry would lose them.  They got very  frustrated.
It was one reason why Custer liked to attack at dawn under the  sun.  To 
hold the Indians in place in their camps.
So after much frustration after the Indian scouts informed  Custer that 
there were 1000s of Indians in the camp he was happy.  He  wanted to rush them 
and try to tie them down to finally catch them in a  fight.
According to this reson that was why he rushed.  And the  plan was for 
Reno's battalion tom tie them down in the Valley while Custer snuck  up on them. 
 Turns out he went up Last Stand  Ridge where there was no  cover.  He 
didn't take time for any kind of a real recon.
Well....  That's what I  heard.   
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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