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I would suggest that not all the men in the 7th were "friends"  of Custer.  
I've read that he was well-despised by a good proportion if not  the men 
and officers.
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I watched  that yesterday as well and had the same interpretation that you
had.   I smiled when they talked about the importance of Custer on July 3rd
and  his significant accomplishment on the AOP right flank.
What I took  away from it was what I've always believed.  Custer was
aggressive and  brash and given to show.  It got him and several hundred of
his men  killed.
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> Last evening I  caught the new episode of PBS's "American Experience" 
>  Custer's Last Stand". It was fairly well done; i.e., neither engaged  in
> mindless Custer-bashing nor was a worshipful paean to the man. It  very
> much focused on Custer himself (and his wife) rather than on the  battle 
> the
> Little Big Horn per se. There were a few minor  errors and some
> interpretations I don't wholly agree with, but that is  par for the 
> One of the latter was the emphasis on how  important Custer's actions were
> in  winning at Gettysburg.   The
> photography was much in the mode  popularized by Ken Burns's  "The Civil
> War": lots
> of old photos, many of  which were  not of the subject actually being
> discussed on screen, while the   camera zooms in or out or scans from side
> to side
> to provide a  sense of  dynamism not present in a static photo. I find it
>  interesting that in a  print work of history (a book) a wholly  different
> standard of acceptable  practice applies -- in any  reputable history book
> you
> would seldom find  photos of  "not the real thing" used (unless carefully
> identified as such)   but on the TV screen that is normal practice (and in
> justification I  suppose  you could say that necessity is behind it: you
> can't  fill
> up two hours of  screen time with just images that were  actually
> photographed
> at the  time).
> Not  the greatest thing I have ever seen on television, not the  worst.  
> the best thing ever done on George Custer or his last battle,  and  far 
> the worst.
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> Amston, CT
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