GDG- Custer (and Gettysburg) On the Tube Again

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Because he didn't want them.


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> The  problem with Custer is that, at Little Big horn he refused the use of
> :
> 1) Buffalo Soldiers (could not fight, despite what he should have  learned
> in
> th ACW;
> What the heck are you talking about?  There were no "colored" Army  units
> available anywhere near the Little Big Horn.  In 1876 there were none  in
> Dakota or Montana and there was never any offer of any such unit to serve 
> with
> Custer in that campaign.
> 2)  Gatling Guns (I thionk this decision to leave them behind reminds me 
> of
> Stewart).
> The Gatling guns were drawn by condemned cavalry horses and had proven a
> major hindrance to mobility earlier during earlier phases of the campaign.
> And even if they had someone made it to the battlefield, the nature of the
> terrain is such that their utility would be problematical -- lots of hills
> and  ridges and ravines and hidden ground.
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