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Bruce:  I  recall a book a  number of years back that seemed to be the  
result of a complete mapping of the field, using metal detectors to  locate 
shell cartriges and bullets and such, after a wildfire had  shortened the grass 
to acceptable levels? 
I read it once, from the  library, and thought it good enough for my 
curiousity.  I'm sorry I can't  recall the title.
do you know which one I mean?
Probably talking about Richard Fox's "Archaeology,  History, and Custer's 
Last Battle: The Little Big Horn Re-examined".  That  cartridge case evidence 
happens to be a specialty of mine in regard to the LBH,  and I do not 
completely agree with all of Dr Fox's conclusions, but it is a  valuable book 

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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