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They also "opened" their ranks to freedmen who had relatives still enslaved 
with a promise of freedom for their relatives.

The most egregious of this sort were the freedman with wives who were still 
slave who rented the marital beds for a dollar a week. They were cut off if 
not enlisted.

Even so, these were "bandbox" soldiers, used for display purpose. Only one 
unit was ever put in harms way, on a barrier island, but withdrawn prior to 
any action.

See: Thank God My Regiment's an African One: The Civil War Diary of Nathan 
W. Daniels by Nathan W. Daniels From LSU Press.


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> I got to thinking about another story told during the "Ghost Tour" and 
> wondered if this is a true story.
> The Louisiana Tigers were recruited from the seediest elements  underbelly 
> of the Louisianan society.  That Louisiana opened their prisons to anyone 
> who would volunteer and should they survive the war, they will be granted 
> their freedom, as well as the criminal elements around New Orleans and the 
> hardened backwoodsmen of the Bayous' and as a result, this made them one 
> of the most feared troops in both armies.
> Is this another "good story" or did they fill their ranks in this manner?
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