GDG- Custer (and Gettysburg) On the Tube Again

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Bruce: I  recall a book a  number of years back that seemed to be the result of a complete mapping of the field, using metal detectors to locate shell cartriges and bullets and such, after a wildfire had shortened the grass to acceptable levels? 
I read it once, from the library, and thought it good enough for my curiousity.  I'm sorry I can't recall the title.
do you know which one I mean?
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"Son of the Morning Star" a reasonable  book?

Believe me, there have been a lot worse.  My current favorite on the  
subject (for the general reader) is James Donovan's "A Terrible Glory".  I  don't 
necessarily agree with absolutely everything Donovan wrote in the book,  
but I do think he got the important things right.

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