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Like  redaing a book on book on Atlantis, Bigfoot,  UFO's, Area 51 etc. 
is very limited primary material so the read what others have  written,

Only in this case, there was a host of primary material  available.
Indeed there is.  One of the most fascinating collections of primary  
material is to be found in "The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence" by William  
Edwards and Ed Steer.  It's an expensive volume, but full of documents  from 
Government files collected at the time. Much of it is irrelevant (such as  
letters from crackpots) or trivial (memos of a wholly administrative nature) 
but  there are a some gems, and it yields an excellent impression of how 
the  investigation was carried out.  I have just spent much of last evening 
and  this morning plowing through the stuff in search of enlightenment on a 
minor  point of the Booth escape story and now feel reasonably confident I 
have finally  figured out the right answer through using statements obtained 
within days of  the events from secondary players.

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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