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Wed Jan 18 08:29:18 CST 2012

I just found Ed Steers' review of "Killing Lincoln" online.  One small  
excerpt: "The authors have chosen to write a story based what others have  
written rather reconstruct the events by using the primary documents and records 
 of the period as any historian would do. In the authors own words they 
draw  their information from a few dozen secondary books. These books range 
from  excellent to positively dreadful. There seems to be no vetting of the 
secondary  works they rely on treating all of them as equal. They are not."  
And  "Killing Lincoln is not a bad read. No doubt it will land on the “New 
York  Times” Best Seller list despite its shortcomings. Had the authors done 
their  homework more thoroughly and made use of the available sources of 
primary  documents, they would have written a book much closer to the actual 
facts and  enlightened a public eager to learn more about this tragic event. 
Sadly, they  missed a golden opportunity."  

Bruce  Trinque
Amston, CT

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