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If it is labeled as speculation and not facts I have no  problem with.
Sometimes there are events for the is no concrete explanation  or facts.  
In order to try to seek an explanation speculation is one of the  first 
things you do.  If there turns up some kind of thread of  evidence it may lead 
you to the answer.
It just has to be labeled speculation and not  facts.
I thought it was an interesting reference to Benjamin  French,  There are 
many references to him in DC hsitory books and he comes  off well and very 
I believe that there was a beserk or excited man in the Rotunda during  the 
Inaurg.  I have heard several variations of the story.  I don't  believe at 
all that it was Booth and would be very surprised if it  was. 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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I did use the word  history

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>Speculative narritive  history.
>OMG  Now we have to toss Kaufmann's book on the  trash heap of  novels!  
>Soon we'll have nothing to read on  the subject at all.  
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