GDG- Limbs as Clubs - East Cemetery Hill

John Rudy john.m.rudy at
Tue Jan 17 07:25:40 CST 2012


First, I'm not all that sure yet.  But my philosophy has always been
that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  The only place
I've heard this story about limbs as clubs is telegraphed through
friends from the Ghost Tours.  It doesn't pass my smell test for one
reason: if a story this dramatic was true, why don't we hear it from
every LBG on the field every time they go out.  You'd expect it to be
a workhorse story.

I just did a cursory wordsearch of Pfanz's Culp's Hill and Cemetery
Hill for "amputated" and "limb."  "Amputated," shows up twice,
referring to specific men who had a limb removed.  "Limb," shows up
once, referring to a tree branch.  If this story existed, I'd expect
to hear it from Pfanz.

Am I positive it didn't happen?  Frankly, it's impossible to prove a
vacuum.  But I haven't seen the primary source yet that tells the
tale, nor have I heard the tale from someone I consider a trusted
source.  I'm ready to be proven wrong.


On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Andy Mills <amills at> wrote:
> Did either side during this attack use human limbs as clubs or is this a great story but void of any factual evidence?

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