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January 17, 2012 

Prominent structure on Daniel Lady Farm reduced to rubble 

GETTYSBURG -- The end came quickly as the walls crashed downed on the historic Daniel Lady Farm in Gettysburg. It was no accident, but the initiation of a plan of action for the farm in 2012. 

The walls, cinderblock rather than fieldstone or weathered wood, made up the three bay garage that squatted between the nearly 200-year-old farmhouse and the 1848 bank-style barn. 

The garage was built by a previous farm owner in the 1950s as a place to work on his cars and farm vehicles. Unlike the meticulously-restored house and barn, the dirt-floor garage remained unpainted. It’s rusty tin roof sagged in the middle, daring some foolhardy soul to set foot on it with paint and a roller. 

“The garage served us well after the acquisition of the farm,” said GBPA President Brendan Synnamon. “It gave us plenty of storage space and covered area where work could be done on items being restored in the farmhouse, such as the interior doors. 

“But now that the major restoration work is completed, we don’t need the space and the structure terribly detracted from the view shed one sees when passing the farm.” 

Synnamon said the only part of the structure remaining is a storeroom on the west end. Unlike the rest of the structure, it has sound walls, a cement floor and electrical service. 

“We’ll put a roof on it and wood siding on the walls so it will appear like a period-appropriate farm out-building,” Synnamon said. 

The wood rafters from the garage were recovered and will be used for future projects. The tin roof has been taken to be recycled, and the old cinderblocks stored away for future use or sold. 

“There’s no plans for the site right now, so we’re going to plant it with groundcover and embedded stone so vehicles could park on it during special events,“ added Synnamon. “The new view will greatly enhance the ability of visitors to visualize the Daniel Lady Farm as it was in 1863.“ 

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