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I just took a quick look in Kaufman but couldn't find  reference to it even 
in the index.
I don't know where I read it if it is not in  Kaufman.   It may be in there 
but haven't found it yet.
My recollection of the story is that either during or after  the Inaurg 
some guy went beserk , I think in the Rounda, and had to calmed down  by 
bystanders.  I think he was waving weapons.  Later some people  identified the guy 
as Booth  but whether it is or not Booth  I think  is questionable.  
He didn't need people noticing him  and was also in the  company of Lucy 
Hale so I don't think he would go beserk and draw attention to  himself. 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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Dugard places Booth at the inauguration with the  Hale family. He has Booth 
so incensed at the sight of Lincoln that he tries to  assault him and has 
to be restrained by the Confederate ridden Metropolitan  Police.

Any record of that  happening?


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>Where is the info  that Mudd was at the Inaurg?
>"Just  the facts, ma'am."  
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>Then  in  December 64 Dr Mudd came to DC,  ostensibly for Xmas    
>Booth saw  Mudd on the street with John Surratt,  whom  Booth  had been  
>meet as he could  helpful..
>And  there was also that interesting bit of testimony at the  trial  that  
>Mudd was seen in a Washington hotel looking for Booth  upon yet  another  
>occasion.  Not to mention those interesting   photos taken during 
>Inauguration that  possibly may  show Mudd with other conspirators just  
>the speaker's  podium.
>Bruce   Trinque
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