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Esteemed GDG Member Bruce Trinque Contributes:


At the Conspiracy Trial on June 3, 1865, Marcus P. Norton testified that he
was in his room at the National Hotel when: "A person hastily entered my
room on  the morning of the 3d of March, I think.  He appeared somewhat
excited,  made an apology, and said that he had made a mistake; that he 
wanted to
see Mr.  Booth. ... I recognize the person, Samuel A. Mudd, as the man who
entered my  room on that occasion."   This can be found in Steers's "The
Trial" on  p 177.  Norton also testified about seeing Atzerodt and Booth in
conversation at the National Hotel.

    Bruce, in addition to trial testimony you posted, Edward Steers Jr. 
wrote in his book, "Blood On The Moon," that four people claimed that Mudd 
told them that he (Mudd) knew who Booth was when he showed up at his 
(Mudd's) farm after the assassination and that he learned that Booth was the 
assassin while on his trip to Bryantown. Three of them were men who had 
served aboard the USS Florida (the ship that took Mudd from DC to Fort 
Jefferson) and the fourth was Mudd's wife, Frances.  Steers points out that 
Mrs. Mudd didn't make her claim until 19 years after the event but the other 
three told their story within four years of the event.


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