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Where  would I find reference to Mudd being in DC and looking  for  Booth?
At the Conspiracy Trial on June 3, 1865, Marcus P. Norton testified that he 
 was in his room at the National Hotel when: "A person hastily entered my 
room on  the morning of the 3d of March, I think.  He appeared somewhat 
excited,  made an apology, and said that he had made a mistake; that he wanted to 
see Mr.  Booth. ... I recognize the person, Samuel A. Mudd, as the man who 
entered my  room on that occasion."   This can be found in Steers's "The 
Trial" on  p 177.  Norton also testified about seeing Atzerodt and Booth in  
conversation at the National Hotel.
William A. Evans testified (p 174) that: "About the 1st or 2d of March last 
 -- certainly before inauguration day -- I saw Dr. Samuel Mudd, with whom I 
have  a slight acquaintance, drive past me as I was driving to the city in 
the morning  ...  I let him drive past me, but I followed him up to the 
city, never  losing sight of him."  
The inauguration took place on March 4th.

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