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I agree with you.
The people resembling the conspirators are all collected in  the same area.
Furthermore,  it would appear that they are not so much  listening to 
Lincoln but staring out into the crowd with their backs to the  stage.  You would 
think if they were there for the speech they would have  been further out 
where they could see Lincoln.
You are right.  It's pretty uncanny but apparently  unconfirmable.
I wonder if there is a record of testimony from any of them  that they were 
there in the crowd.  I haven't heard of it.
It is a mystery. 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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Yes.  I  know the book.  I went to the historian at   Fords and he told  me 
that the NPS examined the photos and allegations and  did   not think it 
It was an uncanny resemblence but Fords   didn't believe  it.

Plus I think there is no record of Mudd  being  in DC that  day.

The pics aae fascinating and I have a  lot of  issues with the  NPS but I 
lean toward their view.   The  historian seemed to be pretty  straight up.  

Unfortunately, we do not have access to those marvelous  computer  
enhancement techniques in use on the various "CSI" TV shows  that magically 
the investigators not only of the suspects'  IDs but also what they ate  
supper the night before, so the  matter must go unresolved.  I am not  
convinced the photos show  the Booth conspirators at the Inauguration, but 
I am  also 
not  convinced that they do not.  If it was just a question of faces   
scattered randomly throughout the crowd, I could much more easily dismiss  
claim, but all of the supposed conspirators appear in one tight  cluster -- 
as I recollect, everybody in that cluster has a  strong resemblance to one 
or  another of the known  conspirators.  You might not be able to get a 
conviction  on that evidence alone, but I find it hard to wholly  ignore.

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Amston,  CT
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