GDG- With our backs to the wall.

Jack Lawrence jlawrence at
Mon Jan 16 11:09:32 CST 2012

 > This part of the book is replete with "facts" and events.  Coal 
production, agricultural output, lumber harvests, shell production, shipping 
tonnage, railcar and locomotive availability, infrastructure, political 
parties, labor unions, strikes, female employment, propaganda output, use of 
nitrates for munitions as opposed to fertilizer, rationing, the list goes 
on.  Charts abound.  Yet all the "facts" and charts, devoid of the author's 
evaluation and discussion, would probably render down to a pamphlet about 10 
or 15 pages long.  The book consists of about 550 pages of text.
> The facts and events are merely the raw data for the historian's 
> interpretation and evaluation.
> Jim Cameron

Thanks Jim.

there are history books and there are seminal works that others base their 
books on.

This sounds like that kind of book.

Just ordered mine.



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